Unlike other social media platforms, a person’s Instagram likes can be hidden if they want to. That was the case shortly after the platform experimented with not showing the number of likes in certain regions (although the user must make the decision).

This has prompted so many marketers on the platform to keep debating whether likes would stay as relevant as they are with this new development, and the quick answer is yes, the Likes matter as much as ever.

While likes still matter as engagement factors, they are the simplest modes of attention you can get from your audience; all it takes is a click of a button for someone to drop off a Like, and when they do, it adds to your growth.

The number of likes you get will be aggregated to promote you over the news feed of other users and skyrocket your exposure, and that’s why you should be intentional in getting more likes for your content on Instagram.

This article will explore a few tips and tactics that you can implement to obtain a substantial amount of Instagram likes UK.

1. Post Compelling Visuals

Instagram is centred on visuals, and users always fancy the images they find intriguing.

This is one of the many reasons why you need to hook users up by publishing compelling photos.

Whether you’re taking the photos yourself or using stock images or even screen snaps, make sure they’re of high quality and something you find equally interesting.

When you do find the photos interesting yourself, although this may not always be the case, the chances are that a lot of others would also like them, so be sure to work with visuals that have the potential to capture the attention of your audience.

This will help you secure many likes, and it wouldn’t stop there as others would choose to engage further with your content by sharing and dropping their comments.

2. Leverage Location Tagging

Location tagging can be a powerful means of gaining more exposure for your content on Instagram.

Although this might work better for local brands and those in the hospitality niche, it is also effective on other businesses by helping to attract local audiences.

In addition, tagging specific locations in your post would help you reach out to people from that place and make them feel that you care, inspiring more people to engage with your content and probably follow you.

3. Make Good Use of Hashtags

One excellent way to improve your visibility is to implement a hashtag strategy.

While some people tend to overdo this by littering too many hashtags within their content, this makes them appear desperate for exposure in the eyes of their audience and ends up not giving them the visibility they need.

That’s why you need to use few hashtags and also have to be selective with your choices.

Plus, you can use popular hashtags to tap into trends and make sure to stay relevant so that you can attract an audience with a greater possibility of connecting with your brand and its content.

4. Create Contests that Encourage Likes

Another way to buy Instagram Likes UK is by creating contests that are focused on accumulating more of them for you.

You can make up a contest that tells people to participate by dropping a like on your image, and the lucky winner will receive a freebie.

Likes are never a big deal as they take just a single click, so many people will like to participate to be able to win, and the magic of this is that those who are not interested in the reward will probably take part as well.

This will possibly generate not only likes for you but shares and comments as well.

5. Purchase Instagram Likes

When it comes to Instagram marketing, you’ll need to improvise at a given time, and another strategy that’s going to help is to purchase them from a service provider.

With sites such as Legit Likes, you’ll be able to do that with a snap of a finger, and you can also buy cheap Instagram followers UK from them.

Buying Instagram likes, of course, is an inorganic method, but if they do come from real and active accounts, they will give you as much positive impact by adding to your exposure and excites other engagement factors too.

However, since finding a legitimate service provider for Instagram likes or if you choose to buy cheap Instagram followers UK as well can be tedious sometimes, I’d recommend you check out the aforementioned brand, i.e. Legit Likes.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting the most Instagram likes, there are many other tactics, including encouraging people to tag their friends, asking user-centric questions and opinions, etc.

In addition, buying some likes would help map your way up, and the number of followers you have will add up as well. Because of this, you should consider as part of your promotion strategy to buy cheap Instagram followers in the UK in addition, so you can ramp up your visibility and drive more engagements on your Instagram account.