The glue that binds us to social media accounts is videos. Videos are the key to getting people to share your content on Instagram, TikTok, and many other platforms. But how do you create videos that catch viewers’ attention right away? Instagram Reels are the answer!

In addition to engaging your audience, Instagram Reels are an excellent way to promote your business.

Creating Instagram Reels can be pretty challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the platform. You must develop engaging, appealing, and relevant material for your audience. Additionally, your material must stand out from the crowd.

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You don’t need to fret since these tips enable you to build Instagram Reels like a pro!

Get Inspiration

Before starting a project, it is crucial to get inspiration, so look at Instagram and other social media platforms. Draw inspiration from what others have done.

Identify your topic and reduce the number of topics

Make a reel with not too many themes. Select a core topic and condense your thoughts into crucial points you want to discuss in the Reel. In this way, viewer interest may ensue throughout the video.

For example, suppose you’re making a video about making three-ingredient pancakes. In that case, your theme might be “3 Ingredient Pancakes in 10 Minutes,” Your main points might be: Gather your ingredients, mix them, and cook the pancakes. Get ready and enjoy

Research popular trends and what people want

It is always a good idea to research what Instagram Reels people are looking for. You may see popular topics on Instagram by visiting the Explore page. You can also check out YouTube and other social media sites to ensure what people are talking about and what material is receiving the most views. The video you choose should be relevant to your website and YouTube. Create a short-form reel from it by visiting YouTube and your website.

If you watched a culinary video on YouTube about 3-ingredient pancakes made with bananas, eggs, and oats, you could make a reel on the same theme. Still, instead of presenting the whole procedure, you would show the three components, the process for 5 seconds, and the final product.

If you want to make a Reel about a healthy oats recipe but do not know what is trending or whether you should focus on oats porridge or oats pancakes, you can use tools like Google Trend or Instagram’s #oatsrecipe hashtag to determine what is popular and what people are searching for in terms of oats recipes.

Begin by creating a storyboard

It is now time to plot the Reel, which can be achieved by either writing a screenplay, creating an outline, or just generating ideas. The plot should have a beginning, middle, and end.

You can always link your material to that of others if you run out of ideas! Confused?

Suppose you are a fashion influencer who has run out of creative ideas, and you see a social media manager blogging about their client or product. You can use the concept to highlight the most recent fashion trends by adding your flair. For example, the social media manager may promote a product, but you may use it to announce the latest fashion trends.

Editing and documenting

You can cut and add music and effects to your Instagram Reel using Instagram’s editing tools. Be sure to end with a call to action.

My Instagram Reels are created quickly and creatively using Inshot, VNEditor, VLLO, and Capcut (mobile apps).

Remember to have fun, be creative, and keep experimenting with different concepts as you create an intriguing and unique Instagram reel.