Do many people ask how to use Instagram live on a computer? The unique features of Instagram have made it a popular social media website worldwide, making it easier for people to meet each other. A fantastic feature of this application is its life story.

Users can interact with their Instagram followers uk simultaneously by sharing live videos. In contrast, the Instagram desktop app offers fewer features than the mobile app, including live streaming. Let’s look at a computer’s method for going live on Instagram.

Why do you need Instagram live?

Instagram live can serve a variety of purposes. The length of the Instagram video is too short, with feed videos being limited to one minute and stories to 15 seconds. As a result, you can share longer videos via live streams.

Your followers will love Instagram Live if you use it to engage with them. With this Instagram feature, you can interact live with your active instagram followers uk. This interactive environment allows you to create a closer connection with your customers and gain their trust.

Here we will discuss how to go live on Instagram from a computer or how to go live on Instagram from a computer.

What is the best way for a computer to go live on Instagram?

The Instagram desktop version doesn’t allow users to share life stories from their computers. There must be a fix for this! Following this article, we will show you how to go live on Instagram on a computer. Keep reading to find out more!

Live streaming can be done on a desktop with a phone emulator or with a streaming app. With a PC, Mac, or laptop, you can go live on Instagram.

Adjust camera settings before you go live

The camera settings need to be adjusted before you go live. As a result:

  1. Click on the left side of the feed page.
  2. Scroll down to view the live feature and live.
  3. On the screen, there is the Settings section.

All the features you have on your phone are now available on your desktop. A live stream can be hidden from particular users. Additionally, you can choose who can send hearts and comments during streaming.

App used

You can use the following apps for this purpose:

  1. The BlueStacks app.
  2. OBS Studio and Yellow Duck
  3. Use LoolaTv  application

●     BlueStack.

Instagram live can be started from a computer using BlueStack. A version is available for Windows and Mac users.

Get the app and install it. Through it, you can open the AppStore or Google Play. You can start by installing Instagram, opening it, and authorizing it. You will see the same interface as the app on your phone.

Why BlueStack?

  1. A familiar interface
  2. The masks
  3. Moderation of comments
  4. Q&A with the audience
  5. IGTV direct download
  6. The collaborative stream
  7. Statistic insight

●     Yellow Duck and OBS Studio

You can live stream on Instagram using the programs on PCs, Macs, and laptops. YellowDuck generates stream links. Live streams on Instagram are done using OBS Studio. In terms of tools, it is not worse than most paid applications.

Instagram live can be done using OBS Studio from a PC, a Mac, or a laptop. In addition to streaming, it enables screen recording and resolution selection. User-friendly and has a clear interface. The app supports Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

To get started, you’ll need OBS Studio and YellowDuck.

YellowDuck Settings

To sign in, enter the name and password of your Instagram account. YellowDuck generates an RTMP link and keyword after clicking Log In & Start.

OBS Studio Settings

When you first run OBS Studio, it will determine what camera settings are appropriate based on the aims you are trying to accomplish, broadcasting or recording. Settings allow you to change them later.

Once the screen has been adjusted, select social media. This program can live stream on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and 70 more sites. The YellowDuck doesn’t include Instagram, so we choose Custom.

Run a stream

In YellowDuck:

  • In OBS Studio, create an RTMP link and keyword.
  • Start streaming by clicking “Start Broadcast”.

In OBS Studio:

  • Start streaming by clicking “Start Streaming”. A short test will determine what settings for the camera and screen are best. Accepting them is the best thing to do.

Going live next time

In OBS Studio, you must turn off auto hints whenever you want to broadcast Instagram live on PC or Mac.

  • From the top bar, select Scene Collection, then New. Make up a name for it.

Select Settings from the bottom right corner, or use the bar at the top to open the menu – File -> Settings.

  • The Stream section can be found there. In the Service line, make sure Custom is selected. Put the server and stream keys from YellowDuck’s generated RTMP link.
  • Click the Apply -> OK button
  • Right-click and select Start Streaming.
  • After the stream, click Start Recording to begin recording.

The video quality and duration of the live stream are displayed.

Turn off broadcast

You can end your Instagram live by clicking Stop Streaming. In YellowDuck, click Stop broadcast to end the live stream.

What makes YellowDuck different from OBS Studio?

  1. Recording of stream data
  2. Broadcast on more than 70 social networks
  3. Video settings for advanced users

●     LoolaTv

There is no minimum tariff on LoolaTv so you can stream for free. There are enough tools to host multicasts on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. You can use Facebook, YouTube, and your RTMP link, such as YellowDuck. However, the free plan is limited to 30 hours per month and 480p video resolution. The corner of the image has a small watermark.

The monthly cost of a paying plan begins at 19 USD. The video resolution is increased to 1080p, and the watermark is removed.

Firstly, you’ll need to sign up for the to-go Instagram live on your PC or Mac. But it is only available to Google account holders. The Google Chrome extension must also be downloaded before broadcasting. From the upper left corner, click the Instagram icon. A download page will be visible on the screen.

Authorize is what you do next. You must repeatedly click the Instagram icon to enter your account information. In the same way, you can authorize other social media accounts if you want to broadcast there as well.

In the camera screen corner, you can adjust the video resolution. It is only possible to change them on the paid tariffs. You can start streaming when you click Go live.

On the left, you can see the most active Instagram followers uk, and on the right, you can see the messages from social media. A comment can be traced back to a particular network near a username.

As soon as the stream finishes in real time, stats and figures will appear for each social media platform. On the free plan, you can record and download up to ten lives; there are no limits on paid plans.

Why LoolaTv?

  • Multicasting
  • Statistics

The bottom line

There are several ways to use Instagram live on a PC or Mac. A browser can view Instagram live streams on PCs, Macs, and laptops. BlueStack can also be used to watch IG live. Windows 10 users can quickly access Instagram by installing the official application.

Using BlueStack for Instagram live is also a good idea. A computer or laptop is ideal if you often work with IG content. This section contains all the app’s options. If you are only interested in streaming, you should choose YellowDuck or OBS Studio. It is possible to stream LoolaTv simultaneously on several social networks with LoolaTv.

You should check your Internet connection, speakers, microphone, and webcam for errors. Ideally, you should do Instagram live in a beautiful place where no one is around. You should have good equipment and a studio if possible.

You can choose a good topic for your stream by doing surveys and utilizing your account insight. Start studying your audience on Tap link and hosting relevant Instagram live events.