What if someone unfollowed you on Instagram? Well, let me tell you, you’re not alone. Many individuals are eager to gain insight into their page’s performance and easily track their followers. And if you’re one of those individuals, consider yourself lucky because this article is just for you!

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Instagram’s Latest Modifications

Instagram has taken modest measures to assist us in keeping track of who we interact with and who interacts with us: There was an algorithm that prioritized material from accounts that you have a greater connection with and the option to remove comments that could inspire self-harm.

Moreover, they have strengthened their privacy measures to protect your data (more about this later!). Control over accounts is increasing as the platform becomes more pervasive. You can look through your extensive contact list or use a third-party app or website to find out who has unfollowed you.

You can regain those Instagram followers you’ve lost by reading this article.

Can Someone Manually Unfollow You On Instagram?

If you visit that individual’s Instagram account, you could find out if someone unfollowed you on Instagram. Visit the Instagram account of the person who unfollowed you to find out who did it. Click on the “Following” button on the individual’s Instagram profile. There, you’ll find a list of the people the individual follows. If you know they were following you, but you’re no longer on their list of followers, you may assume you’ve been unfollowed. Doesn’t it seem so simple?

If you have thousands of followers on Instagram but cannot manually verify each one of them, there are a few tools you can use.

How To Find Out Who Has Unfollowed You On Instagram With An App?

To protect your data, Instagram made significant changes to its platform. Consequently, many third-party Instagram applications were inoperable, heavily relying on the previous Instagram application programming interface, or API. However, using a few tools, you can still find out who unfollowed you on Instagram. They will be explained below.


An excellent Instagram app with a simple interface displays vital information, including who recently unfollowed you and who has recently started following you. A list of your lost Instagram followers will appear upon expanding the unfollow area. There are subscription options, and Follow Meter can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.

Followers Tracker Pro

Despite having a $5.99 monthly membership fee, a $17.99 six-month subscription fee, and a $24.99 annual subscription fee, this app is easy to use to determine how many Instagram followers UK you have lost. Followers Tracker Insight is only accessible on iOS. It gives information about who has unfollowed you, who you are following and who doesn’t follow you back, etc.

Follow Cop

This free software is exclusive to Android and lets you see who has unfollowed you since your previous login. Although there are several advertisements, this Instagram program is reliable and enables you to keep track of the Instagram followers you have lost.

Finding Out Who Isn’t Following You Back With An App

If your business relies on Instagram presence, finding out if influential members of your target demographic are aware of your brand by checking to see who has unfollowed you might be helpful.

Most apps that share information about unfollows also share information about who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram; if possible, choose one that does both. Avoid endless searches for “who is not following me on Instagram.” If you are looking for additional options, you may find a variety of applications that emphasize unreciprocated followings.

Unfollowers & Followers

Besides showing you who has unfollowed you and who doesn’t follow you back, Unfollowers & Followers also displays the individuals who have been most active on your account.


You can use nFollowers on iOS to see who unfollowed you and who didn’t follow you back, and the followers who engage with your posts the most.


You can discover more about your Instagram audience by using Combin. Besides identifying accounts that do not follow you back, you can also find your “quality audience” – the platform’s designation for the most active accounts that follow you. In addition, the app does offer a free trial, but you will have to pay $15 per month for access to your data after the first month.


Now you can see Instagram users who don’t follow you back. You will have access to analytics if you have a professional Instagram account. It is hard to know who unfollows you, but you can track the fluctuations in your overall number of followers. Analytics, however, only report numbers.

They don’t reveal the username of the person who unfollowed you. You can use any method on your computer or phone to find out who unfollowed you.